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Now located in Sterling, VA, Esoterica has been the Loudoun County New Age Superstore for over 16 years.  Originally opening as Yesterdays Memories down on Market Street in the historic district as a consignment store in 1991, it moved to King Street in November of 1993, transforming into a New Age Metaphysical store along the way. 

In 2001, in the wake of 9/11, Lilly Edens and Jane Harmon purchased Yesterdays Memories from the original owners, temporarily keeping the name Yesterdays Memories to let folks know that they were going to keep the same tenor in the store ambiance with an even stronger focus on the concept of interfaith and community of man.  To that end we continue to support a variety of faiths and alternative beliefs/approaches to life and health issues. We have a wide variety of spirituality-oriented artifacts and jewelry, and a large assortment of herbs, essential and mixed oils, crystals, reiki candles and other essential items.  In February 2003, in keeping with the changes made, a New Beginning was made, and the name officially changed to Esoterica, with our signature sign complete with spider (our corporation name is Diamond Spider, Inc.)

Since then we have had a continually changing inventory, keeping the core items mentioned above with other items coming and going depending on the moods of the owners.  We continue to have psychics available for readings on the weekends and some weekdays, a wonderful plethora of classes and weekly groups who meet for a variety of reasons. 

In 2010 we decided it was time to move again, to take advantage of the changing demographics, and move Lilly closer to home so she could take care of BOTH home family and store family.  The process was tricky, but eventually we found a lovely hidden spot in a shopping center just off of Route 7, a hop, skip and a jump from Lilly's home.  Previously the site of a dance studio, our new digs at 50B Pidgeon Hill Drive provide a beautiful happy energy, lots of light and lovely open spaces.  Not easy to spot at first, the shop is accessed through a slightly hidden walkway behind the old restaurant with the Silo (the Silo is a historic piece originally belonging to a large farm and dating back to the early 1900s.)  Plenty of free parking is available in the lots on either side of this silo/restaurant - if you are on the CVS side - head to your right (past the Liquor Store) and we are tucked away there.  If you are on the Safeway side, head towards the Hair Port Salon & Day Spa and head to your left - again we are right there, tucked into the lovely dimness.  Come and check out the new space, it is more than worth the effort!



10 am - 8 pm

Noon - 6 pm


Psychic Readings

Esoterica is proud to offer readings by a variety of psychics. Available services include Tarot, Playing Card Readings, Handwriting Analysis, Animal Communication, Reiki, Rune Readings, Mediumship and more. Visit our Psychics page for a complete list of our psychics, their hours and specialities.


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