Help us celebrate light and warmth in the midst of winter with our 7th Annual Music Festival! Featuring six amazing local acts, this FREE musical celebration is sure to be a total blast! Ranging from folk and bluegrass all the way to Operatic Metal, there's something in this show for everyone! The show starts at 4 pm Saturday, February 6th, 2010. For specific set times and information about our performers, check out the descriptions below.

We begin the evening at 4 pm with Doug Alan Wilcox. Doug sings with passion and plays guitar like he means it. Warm, intimate and soulful; thought-provoking and occasionally wryly humorous, Doug Alan Wilcox delivers music that will stick in your head as well as your heart and keep you returning for more. "...Wilcox delivers with utter grace as he sings about both love and sorrow.... connects to listeners, sparking a universal and intimate bond between singer and audience." -Christina Dore, Encore magazine


We continue at 5 pm with David LaFleur: Singer, Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist. With a rich tenor voice and a mastery of the guitar, dobro, mandolin, and dulcimer, David LaFleur has been performing his unique mixture of folk, blues, and bluegrass for over 20 years. Superb musicianship and a masterful array of thoughtful, sometimes hilarious songs mixed with dynamic stage presence and dry wit makes LaFleur an excellent entertainer in high demand.


6 pm brings us Ben Schuman! An amazing blend of pop, folk and rock, Ben's dynamic presentation is sure to leave you wanting more. This former opera singer brings an incredible array of original music as well as crowd-pleasing covers to the stage. The Baltimore area's only opera-singer-turned-lawyer singer-songwriter, Ben's infectious melodies and high-energy performance appeal to everyone.


At 7 pm, high-energy local favorites The Dreamscapes Project takes the stage! TDP is "one of the most innovative bands to come out of the East Coast in the last decade." -- Fronted by 12-string acoustic guitar and cello, the addition of melodic bass grooves and world percussion makes it a struggle to define a genre narrower than "acoustic". You have to hear it to believe it--TDP is one band you definitely don't want to miss!


8:30 pm brings us Red This Ever, a Baltimore based New Wave, Synth-Rock band filled with shy anger and catchy hooks. Their songs fluidly combine the sound of the current electronic scene with intriguing melodies and infectious rhythms that harken back to the glorious days of the Post-Punk, New Wave revolution. Red This Ever have often been blamed for having songs that stick to you like glue, as well as not having enough room to dance!


At 10 pm, strap yourselves in for Cassandra Syndrome! Hailing from Maryland, this passionate, engaging act strikes the perfect balance between playful and sinister. Cassandra Syndrome is an intimate theater of darkness and seduction. "Irene Jericho [displays] her vocal prowess through layers of operatic melodies and harmonies that complement the band's restrained yet energetic style of metal that owes to the likes of Nightwish and Streams of Passion." -- ReGen Magazine


10 am - 9 pm

11 am - 6 pm


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