Esoterica offers a diverse array of classes to help you along your journey. Scroll down for class listings.

Mindfulness Meditation

Join Ron Tuesdays at 7:30 for Mindfulness Meditation. This class will help you relax and become more present in your life. A donation of $10 is recommended. For a more in-depth description, click the photo to the right.

Pagan Path

Join us Thursday evenings at 7 pm for The Pagan Path. Path gatherings include monthly Divination nights where participants bring in Divinatory tools to practice giving and receiving readings, Esbats and Sabbats, guest speakers and facilitated group discussions. The Pagan Path has a participation fee of $5 per night. Please remember to bring cash.


Bellydance Classes

Come to Esoterica for Belly Dance Fun & Fitness with Katayoun! Get in shape and de-stress as you learn authentic belly dance in a fun format from one of the top instructors in the area. No experience required. All ages and abilities are welcome! Click on the photo to the right for a full schedule.


Reiki Classes

Embark on your exciting adventure into energy healing in a fun & easy way with Anne Nguyen.

Reiki is an ancient alternative healing modality that helps relieve stress and tension. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life-Force Energy. The Ki part is the same word as Chi or Qi part is the same word as Chi or Qi, the Chinese word for the energy which underlies everything.





10 am - 9 pm

11 am - 6 pm


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