Help us ring in the 50th birthday of the Heart of Esoterica--Lilly!!! Featuring three favorite local acts, this FREE musical celebration is sure to be a total blast! Ranging from folk and bluegrass all the way to Operatic Metal, there's something in this show for everyone!

We begin the evening at 4 pm with David LaFleur: Singer, Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist. With a rich tenor voice and a mastery of the guitar, dobro, mandolin, and dulcimer, David LaFleur has been performing his unique mixture of folk, blues, and bluegrass for over 20 years. Superb musicianship and a masterful array of thoughtful, sometimes hilarious songs mixed with dynamic stage presence and dry wit makes LaFleur an excellent entertainer in high demand.


At 6 pm, the Lauren Kendall Band takes the stage! Known for haunting, poignant performances, anyone can feel the emotion in her songs. It's not only how Lauren Kendall's voice resonates inside of you as she conveys images of love, spirituality, pain and empowerment through her songs. It's more than her genius for lyrics. This musician's trademark is that she actually accompanies herself on her cello while she sings, creating a rich blend and an unmistakable sound.


At 8 pm, strap yourselves in for Cassandra Syndrome! Hailing from Maryland, this passionate, engaging act strikes the perfect balance between playful and sinister. Cassandra Syndrome is an intimate theater of darkness and seduction. "Irene Jericho [displays] her vocal prowess through layers of operatic melodies and harmonies that complement the band's restrained yet energetic style of metal that owes to the likes of Nightwish and Streams of Passion." -- ReGen Magazine



10 am - 9 pm

11 am - 6 pm


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