Introduction to Pagan and Nature-Based Spirituality

Over the past 30 years or so, modern society has seen a 'rebirth' of nature-based spirituality. Some attribute this to a growing dissatisfaction with conventional religion, an increasing desire for a direct experience of divinity, and a greater appreciation of the natural world. At any rate, the number of individuals who either secretly or openly self-identify as 'Pagan' continues to increase.

But what makes a person or a belief system “Pagan”? Is it the decision to honor multiple gods, or does it go much deeper than that? And, how many different Pagan religions are there, anyway?

In this 6 week course, Rev. Tom Vandeberg will explore these questions and many more. Drawing on his many years of experience, working as a community organizer within the Pagan and Earth-Based spiritual community, Tom will guide participants through the multi-faceted world of spirituality that now resides under the umbrella of the term “Paganism.”

This course will explore not only the incredible diversity of Pagan and Earth-Based spirituality, but also the similarities. Upon completion of this course, participants will have gained an understanding of such things as the difference between the terms “Pagan” and “Wiccan”, what “reconstructionist” means, the major holidays shared by most Pagan groups, “Pagan etiquette,” and even a bit of Pagan slang.

Although this course is geared toward the complete novice, it is equally beneficial to folk that have been, shall we say, “through the woods” a few times.

Join us on Tuesday nights at 7 pm beginning April 6th. Classes are $15 for drop-in students. The entire course is $75. Call the store at 703-777-4642 or click the button below to preregister.

10 am - 9 pm

11 am - 7 pm


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