Join us Tuesdays from 7 to 9 pm starting February 24th for the Hand-Spinning Circle!

Learn the traditional art of custom-spinning your own yarn from wool while enjoying good company and the guidance of class leader Ashley Wells, shepherdess and fiber artisan of Willow Hawk Farm. Topics include:

  • The ABCs (aka, Handspinning 101) for the first-time spinner and aspiring yarn-maker

  • Basic (and inexpensive hand spindle options) to buy or make

  • Practical Production (the essentials of making useable yarn) for the advanced beginners and intermediates controlling twist, plying, and so on

  • Classroom wheel instruction and practice

  • Tools of the trade fiber preparation and spinning equipment hands on

  • Fiber characteristics and spinning techniques basic through exotic

  • Spinning with intent

Class costs $15 per class. Students must pay by cash or check. Call 703-777-4642 to sign up.

10 am - 9 pm

11 am - 6 pm


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