As the largest New Age store in the DC Metro area, Esoterica carries an incredible variety of merchandise for your enjoyment. Scroll down for just a few examples of what you can expect to see at our store!


Here at Esoterica, we have literally thousands of different types of crystals, precious and semiprecious stones. We wear our 'rock hound' label with pride! Whether you're looking for an exotic, one-of-a-kind freestanding rutilated quartz crystal or a handful of tumbled stones, we're the store for you. Looking for something specific? Give us a call and we can check our stock for you.



There's nothing quite like candlelight to set a mood and no matter what mood you're going for, we can help you. We carry an immense variety of candles--tea lights, votives, chime candles, hand dipped tapers, pillar candles, jar candles...the list goes on and on! Every color and scent imaginable--even metallics! We also carry candle holders to protect these gorgeous wax creations. Swing by the store for a look (and a sniff!).



Speaking of delectable scents, make sure you check out our awesome incense collection the next time you visit! We carry several different lines of stick incense from all over the globe, not to mention custom blends of loose incense, sage smudges and incense burners! Whether you're looking to cleanse a space or simply fill the air with fragrance, we have a product to fit your needs.



No Magickal Cupboard is complete without essential oils! Esoterica carries hundreds of oils in almost every scent imaginable. Essential and Synthetic oils are available to meet every need and budget. Looking for a specific scent? Give us a call and we'll find it for you.


Divination Tools

What's a New Age store without Divination Tools? Here at Esoterica, we carry an incredible selection to suit every preference. We have Runes of every sort imaginable from the Elder Futhark to KidStones (a rune-based system for the youngsters); Pendulums in a wide variety of semiprecious stones, metals, and shapes; Esoterica-crafted Scrying Mirrors; Tarot Decks and more! Stop by to browse our selection!



Esoterica is proud to carry a large selection of figures for decoration as well as Devotion. Faeries, Dragons, Buddhas, Greek Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Wolves, Prancing Ponies, Cow Parade, Cats...the list goes on and on! Our collection must be seen to be appreciated. No matter what your taste and budget, we have a figurine you'll love! Drop by and let us help you add beauty to your home.


Greeting Cards

Finding the right card for that special occasion can be a real challenge. Let Esoterica help you express your true feelings with one of our beautiful greeting cards. Featuring exotic, unusual artwork and New Age themes, our cards will make that special occasion even more memorable. We even have box sets! Drop by to browse our selection.



Esoterica features over seventy-five varieties of herbs in our herb shop! Our herbs are all quality organic, culinary-grade products to meet your every herbal need. Looking for a specific herb? Give us a call at 703-777-4642.




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