Medium Boxes

Measuring 5" x 5" x 2", this unique, triangular box features a magnetic clasp. Our Symbol Box packs a potent spiritual punch. The outside of the box bears the Om, the Hindu symbol for the Divine All. The sides are emblazoned with the Reiki Raku symbol, used for grounding and sealing energy. The inside of the box includes a Pentacle, the symbol of Elemental balance and protection, and mirrored Reiki Cho Ku Rei symbols. The Cho Ku Rei is used to focus energy. Lastly, the back of the box is decorated with the Yin Yang, universal symbol of balance. Photos below.

Inside the Symbol Box

Back of the Symbol Box

This wonderful box is available to you for $20. Click the button below to purchase.



Measuring 5.75" x 5.75" x 2", our Wolf Box honors this powerful mythological and spiritual symbol. As hunters, wolves symbolize cunning, strength and determination. Their close bonds with members of their pack also associate them with loyalty and fidelity. This box is perfect for honoring your bond with your powerful totem. The Wolf Box costs $23. Click the button below to purchase.




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