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Here at Esoterica, we take the nickname 'Rock Hound' very seriously. Our crystal collection is stunning, and there's something for every budget. You can browse our minerals by name or metaphysical property. Each stone has its own page with a photo of samples from our store and information on the stone.


Esoterica features over seventy-five varieties of herbs in our herb shop! Our herbs are all quality organic, culinary-grade products to meet your every herbal need. Along with our fantastic selection of herbs, Esoterica carries delicious tea, some apothecary tools and other items commonly used by Herbalists. We also carry a wide selection of Pure Essential Oils by Aura Cacia and a wide selection of Sun's Eye Oils. Herbs & Oils can be searched alphabetically. Click the photo to the left to get started.


Esoterica is pleased to offer a wide selection of stick, cone and powdered incense. Some of our incense products are available online, but our full collection is only available at our store in Leesburg, VA. To see our online selection, simply click the photo to the left.


Esoterica is proud to offer custom-made hand-crafted Blessing Kits. These Kits are original to Esoterica and cannot be purchased anywhere else. Written and designed by Rev. Irene Jericho, each kit contains instructions for drawing the desired Blessing into your life as well as all the supplies you'll need to release your intent into the Universe. These Kits are lovingly created right here at Esoterica by our staff. The Kits are available for use by anyone--they are not religion specific. Click the photo to the left to get started.


Esoterica's online store is currently under construction--check back soon as we add new sections!



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